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About Quintesense

Quintesense was founded in 2011 by Christian van Tellingen and is active in the field of financial management and business control, fundraising & debt advisory, business transformation, financial planning and corporate finance, systems & processes and  governance, risk & compliance.

Quintesense combines business and legal expertise and has access to a wide network of professionals to discreetly solve complex issues. Hence, Quintesense offers the unique opportunity to advise lawfirms and banks on topics such as collateral, business models,  administrative organization and internal control.

Quintesense is also able to supply “part-time CFOs” to organizations that need flexible and highly-trained sparring professionals. Quintesense also supports organisations by supervision and with the  implementation of financial projects.

What we do

  • Governance, risk & compliance, both from a legal and from a business-economic perspective, company law and contract law;
  • Definition of financing structures and financial planning, liquidity and investment planning;
  • Support with obtaining external financing such as RVO innovative loans, sale & leaseback arrangements, equity investment by investors and alternative financing arrangements, debt advisory;
  • Modelling business scenarios, identifying drivers for growth as well as bottlenecks in the various scenarios, restructuring of the organization;
  • Internal and external reporting and annual reporting, accounting and business control,  KPI-dashboards;
  • Standardisation of (transactional) financial processes and outsourcing of (partial) processes as well as the implementation of adequate segregation of duties in systems and processes;
  • Design and implementation of Internal Control frameworks for all business processes, including the design and implementation of automated and configuration controls;
  • Fraud investigation and the execution of special reviews or specific audits.

Our way of working

Our approach is characterized by an academic whilst at the same time practical approach. The desired result and the organisational setting are crucial elements on which our working method is based.

We believe in a bespoke approach. We create most value by combining fresh eyes, solid expertise and experience that the organization internally does not have available.

With a broad and open mind and in consultation with the client we analyse opportunities, risks and challenges. Our team will carry out the assignment in an enthusiastic, honest and professional manner and regularly communicate the progress on the basis of the tailored work plan.

About the name Quintesense

Quintesense is composed of “quinta” (the fifth) and “essentia” (essence as a synonym for “element”), as well as the word “sense”. Quinta Essentia, is the Latin expression for the fifth element. Quintesense stands for “the essential” and the “heart of the matter” as well as “common sense”. Core values that fit well with the name Quintesense are quickly getting to the heart of a complex financial challenge and providing an adequate solution.

The Greek philosopher Aristotle introduced the concept of Ether, an immaterial fifth element in addition to the four classical material elements Fire, Water, Air, Earth.
This fifth Element symbolizes human creativity to combine the four material Elements into something new. Thus it symbolizes the essential, the pure, the all-encompassing, but also union and connection.

Quintesense also symbolizes movement and change. With four elements a stable construction can be made, a square. However, the square does not move easily, but as soon as a fifth point is added, a circle is created and it rolls easily. In turn, the circle symbolizes change, unity and the infinite, bound by nothing. In short: infinite possibilities.

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